Online Resources

Here you find a collection of documents and videos to support you on your journey to become a great DJ. That's how I mostly learned it anyway!


I live by the motto "Read The F*cking Manual". In this day and age, many have forgotten these precious answers-to-everything. Seriously. Do a search within these documents for keywords and you'll find nearly all your answers to "how to do this, what does this button do, where do I find this..." etc. They even sometimes contain tutorials! I have a "manuals" folder on my desktop with a manual for every piece of musical and non-musical (frustrating ovens...) equipment in my house.

Traktor related manuals

Rekordbox related manuals


Amazing tutorials to learn to DJ. Even though each video is done on a certain set-up, once you know what the buttons on your controller do, usually you can apply the knowledge to your set-up as well.