Learn the art


Mixing is just the beginning...

☆ Private lessons & workshops in the Netherlands by a highly skilled DJ (>60 gigs per year, 15 years DJ)

☆ Speak from the heart in the language of music using the modern art & technology of "controllerism".

New: learn to produce music & perform live with Ableton & controllers!
More info coming soon, contact me about it.

Private lessons: an artistic-technical approach

For beginner & experienced DJs of all ages

Available in Dutch, English, German & Farsi

Depending on your skill level & interests, learn how to:

☆ Master the art of mixing: mix any track with any track you like

☆ Become creative & seamless with effects, looping & cue-points

☆ Add your own touch with samples, loops & other aspects of live re-mixing

☆ Think more in terms of BPM and Energy and (a bit) less in terms of genres

☆ Learn to tell a personal story with your set

☆ Expand you tools for finding new music

☆ Available live in the Netherlands (abroad possible in consultation)

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Other options possible upon consultation

Package prices include the intro lesson. Just want the intro lesson? No problem, pay what you can*.

No VAT for <18

Intro Lesson

Name your price afterwards!*

*) Only applies if you live in the Netherlands & are potentially interested in more lessons. Otherwise we agree upon a price.

3 Lessons

€ 225 excl. 21% VAT

€ 272.25 incl. VAT

5 Lessons

€ 335 excl. 21% VAT

€ 405.35 incl. VAT

★ Workshops for groups are available upon consultation ★

Contact me for more information, a different offer or to sign up.