A special kind of conversation

Amsterdam based DJ, live controllerist & mixing teacher Navid Divana enchants the audience with tunes from the entire spectrum of genres and regions. Even within this limitless style he stands out with originality & experimentalism. Depending on the vibe of the event, he adjusts the width & scope of the musical spectrum. With nearly 15 years of experience at clubs, festivals, workshops, raves & with multiple residencies at the highly multi-style Ecstatic Dances across the country, he intuitively tunes in to the crowd and communicates with them in the language of music. The creative & technical mastery of the art results in genre transcending transitions & live remixes. The groove can vary from very relaxed to highly bombastic; it respects the narrative and takes you on an unmistakable journey into both familiar territories as well as surprising new landscapes. "I never thought I would dance to THAT genre!", is something he often hears after the Ecstatic Dance sets.

Recently, his focus has simultaneously shifted more towards a full-blown live performance experience, so watch out for these liveshows! And last but not least, Divana loves fancy gender-bending outfits and aims to create a very inclusive atmosphere.

He gladly shares his experience & knowledge with other (aspiring) musicians & loves to teach the art.

Live Electronics (Ableton + Novation Tracks + Controllers)

Lockdown Multistyle DJ Set w/Geck-o

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