Gear for beginners

If you want start DJ-ing with a controller set-up, you need a few elements to start with. I highly recommend a controller setup with more than very basic stuff. With all the modern technology, we digital DJs need to use it to our advantage and learn creative skills as soon as possible (this is me). Further down below I will give some gear recommendations. The things you need are:

  • One or more controllers

  • A pair of active monitor speakers

    • if you already have other nice speakers with physical inputs (not Bluetooth only), even some portable ones like the UE Megaboom, and you don't have much money, you could use those instead for now.
  • Headphones

  • A Macbook or Windows laptop (Macbook preferred)

  • Cables

Set-ups: Traktor & Rekordbox

I recommend a Native Instruments Traktor Pro 3 or Pioneer Rekordbox set-up.


  • Beginner controllers with a lot of advanced controls (e.g. a "keyboard" function to use part of a track as a melodic instrument)

  • Great interface with amazing browsing functionality

  • Direct exporting functionality to USB for club gear

Traktor 3:

  • Highly customisable & easy to use interface

  • Many creative live-elements for advanced use (e.g. remix decks with 64 slots for samples & loops)

  • Tons of great sounding effects out-of-the-box

I teach with both set-ups!

Gear recommendations

Depending on your budget and aspirations, I recommend the following gear. Most things are for lower budgets / beginners, but with a minimum good quality (no shitty stuff).
Where to buy? These are some great web-shops in Netherlands/Europe:

I don't recommend Media Markt! (BAD returning policies)



Monitor speakers

Linking to Thomann webstore, but you can also look for them on other stores.

Don't forget to buy audio cables to connect your DJ gear & laptop to your monitor speakers. Ask the web-shop for help if you need it (they are kind).