A special kind of conversation

Amsterdam-based DJ, live-controllerist, and mixing teacher Navid Divana mesmerizes audiences with a diverse array of tunes from across genres and regions. Known for his originality and experimentation, Navid adapts his style to the atmosphere of each event, seamlessly navigating from ambient melodies to heavy metal riffs and everything in between.

With nearly two decades of experience at many type of events and multiple residencies at Ecstatic Dances throughout the country, Navid intuitively connects with crowds, communicating through the universal language of music. Even within the eclectic Ecstatic Dance scene, Navid is celebrated for his boundary-pushing artistry.

His mastery of both creative and technical aspects of music shines through in his genre-transcending transitions and dynamic live remixes. Whether delivering a laid-back groove or an energetic explosion of sound, Navid's music respects the narrative, leading listeners on a captivating journey through familiar and unexplored landscapes. 'I never thought I would dance to THAT sound!' is something he regularly hears at his shows.

Offstage, Navid is a dedicated teacher, passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with fellow musicians, both aspiring and established. 

Live Electronics (Ableton + Novation Tracks + Controllers)

Lockdown Multistyle DJ Set w/Geck-o

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